Student Teachers Certificate

The Student Teachers Certificate is designed to engage swimmers from the age of 13 years who have swam with a swim school or club and are now looking for the next step to advance their learning and progress.

Student teachers can effectively be the next generation of swimming teachers, with the Student Teachers Certificate acting as a natural stepping stone – honing their existing knowledge from being a learner in swimming lessons and working closely under the supervision of a fully qualified swimming teacher.

Once the award has been achieved under the supervision of fully qualified swimming teacher, student teachers can work alongside them delivering lessons and assisting them where necessary, be it either in the pool or on poolside.

This award covers:
  1. Legal, ethical, hygiene, health & safety considerations
  2. Considerations for those with a disability
  3. Learning, communication and teaching
  4. Hydrostatics, hydrodynamics and the body system
  5. Practical teachings of confidence practices
  6. Front and back paddle
  7. Front and back crawl and breaststroke

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