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Changes to Course Candidate Application and Feedback Processes

Following a review of the way we collect and utilise feedback from our courses, we have made some changes to the candidate course application and evaluation processes.

The reasons for implementing these changes are:

  • To ensure that the qualifications we offer meet the needs of learners who are taking them
  • To enable us to ensure that our qualifications are inclusive to all learners wishing to take them.

The new pre-course application and post-course feedback processes come into effect from 8th September 2017 for all courses. For courses registered on STA Online, learners will be presented with the new application and feedback processes when registering against a course online, with electronic copies of the forms being available to download for course organisers and tutors. The new forms will also be distributed for paper-based courses along with other course resources as normal.

Course organisers and tutors are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the new application and feedback processes and forms ahead of their implementation; please click the button below to download a copy.


Additionally, the following changes have been implemented:

Removal of PAR-Q Questions

The Physical Activity and Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) has been removed from the application process as it is not relevant in all cases. If the course being tutored involves physical activity (for example, lifesaving courses or trainee teachers being a ‘learner’ on swimming teaching courses) and the learner has been told that they should not do any exercise by their doctor or health professional, then medical clearance should be requested before the learner is permitted to participate in any physical aspects of the course.

If you are at all unsure of whether or not a learner should participate in physical activities on a course, please refer them to their doctor.

Removal of Sexual Offence Question

The question asking if a learner has ever been convicted, cautioned or investigated in relation to any allegation of a sexual offence has also been removed, following advice from the NSPCC’s Child Protection in Sport Unit. Learners attending courses should not be left unsupervised with children or vulnerable adults for health, safety and safeguarding reasons; we advise all employers to gain a DBS check or other relevant disclosure clearance as part of their employment procedures, and as such it is not necessary or desirable to ask this question as part of our course application process.

If you have any questions relating to the new pre-course application and post-course feedback processes and forms, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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