DBS Checks

The Swimming Teachers’ Association can act for you as an umbrella body for the purpose of obtaining DBS disclosure on yourself, employees and volunteers.

The DBS charge is £57.20 per applicant for Enhanced and Basic Disclosures (excluding post office fees). There is no charge from the DBS for volunteers for either level of disclosure, although they will have to pay an administrative charge of £13.20.

Requesting an Application

DBS checks are requested through First Advantage Online Disclosures. In order to request a DBS check you will need to self-register online and supply an organisation pin and a secret word during registration and the application. These are:

Organisation Pin
For Enhanced Disclosure: 148449
For Basic Disclosure: 148450
Secret Word (case sensitive)
Request a DBS Check

For more information regarding DBS checks, or for assistance in carrying out an application, please see the FAQs below or refer to First Advantage Online Disclosures via the application portal.

Frequently Asked Questions