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Becoming a swimming teacher is a fantastic career path for those who are looking for a rewarding, active and challenging role.

With flexible teaching hours to fit around your lifestyle, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of a work-life balance whilst teaching an incredible and important life skill.

Countless opportunities for employment are available with private swim schools and public leisure centres who are on the search for qualified, motivated and inspiring swimming teachers.

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Where Do I Start?

Fantastic news—you don’t need any previous experience or formal qualifications prior to getting started.

You will need to gain a swimming teaching qualification with STA to get paid employment.

Did you know? All STA qualifications are on the national framework at level 2 or above, meaning you don’t need to train to become an assistant first with STA—upon successful completion of the STA Level 2 Award in Teaching Swimming qualification, you will be qualified to teach swimming straight away without the need of supervision!

Start With

STA Level 2 Award in Teaching Swimming

This is the first step you’ll need to take to become a fully qualified swimming teacher with STA.

The Award will develop your vocational skills and technical knowledge, so you can independently teach your very own class of 12 participants from non-swimmers/beginners up to improvers (children and adults).

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Progress to

STA Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Swimming

CIMSPA Endorsed—Professional Standard

Take the next step and progress as a swimming teacher, retaining your class by offering advanced lessons, extended skills and advanced awards.

Those who are interested in taking on the Certificate course can also take advantage of 12 months free CIMSPA affiliate membership with access to a wide range of benefits from the professional development body, once they’re qualified.

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Benefits of STA’s Qualifications

  • Become a fully qualified swimming teacher with STA’s level 2 qualification(s)
  • Internationally recognised, allowing you to travel with your career
  • STA Level 2 Award in Teaching Swimming and STA Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Swimming qualifications both meet CIMSPA’s employer-led swimming teacher professional standard
  • Training offered at affordable prices
  • No prior experience or qualifications required

How Much Does It Cost for the Qualifications?

As all courses are organised and delivered through independent approved training centres, they will offer them at varying prices.

When you find a course that suits you, you can contact the approved training centre directly for more information.

What’s Next Once I’m Qualified?

Find Employment

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Maintain Your Skills

Maintain Your Skills

As a qualified swimming teacher, you’ll need to maintain occupational competency by undertaking regular continuing professional development (CPD).

This can be achieved through face-to-face seminars, online learning or evidence of practical teaching hours.

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Become a Specialised Swimming Teacher

Whether you’re new to swimming teaching or looking to extend your skill set, why not consider specialised qualifications?

Baby and Pre-School Award

Are you passionate about giving babies the best and most enjoyable experience in water? If you’d like to set the skills and foundation of a baby’s swimming journey and help them dip their toes into the pool, this qualification is for you.

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People with Disabilities

Swimming for people with disabilities is extremely rewarding and teaching is equally satisfying. This course is for those who would like to help someone gain water confidence and teach them essential swimming and movement skills through play in a supportive environment.

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Have an Additional Question Before You Get Started?

Still Have a Question?

We’re available to provide any guidance you might need on getting your swimming teaching career started—please contact us if you have any additional questions.

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