Unregulated Courses

As a member of the International Federation of the Swimming Teachers Association (IFSTA), and after many discussions with our 26 affiliated countries, STA is pleased to offer both regulated qualifications and unregulated courses, allowing learners across the globe to gain the necessary training within the leisure industry. We are delighted to offer unregulated international training for swimming teaching, baby and pre-school teaching and pool lifeguarding, so you can do your job with confidence, no matter where you are.

What is the Difference Between Regulated Qualifications and Non-regulated Courses?

Regulated qualifications offer learners certificates which will bear logos from regulatory bodies in the UK, whilst the non-regulated courses created by STA, which although do not appear on the regulatory framework are developed using the same industry experts and standards. They too are professional courses with the same quality attached to them.

Is an Unregulated Course for Me?

Unregulated courses may be taken for those with employers who want trained staff in a specific area, but do not need to send their employees through a regulated programme. This is often the case with countries outside the UK who may not require UK regulated qualifications, especially where there are no specific entry requirements.

For swimming teachers, baby and pre-school teachers, pool lifeguards and lifesavers within the UK, regulated qualifications are deemed necessary from employers and the Health and Safety Executive.

STA International Swimming Teacher

Provides learners with the knowledge and practical skills to teach swimming in a learn to swim environment.

STA International Baby and Pre-School Teacher

Provides learners with the knowledge and practical skills to teach babies to pre-schoolers in adult and child swimming lessons.

STA International Pool Lifeguard

Trains learners in pool rescue skills, CPR techniques, first aid and dealing with poolside emergencies.

STA International Lifesaving Course for Swimming Teachers

Trains learners in pool rescue skills, CPR techniques and aquatic first aid so they can act as a rescuer in an aquatic teaching environment.

Looking to Tutor Unregulated Courses?

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