Aquatic Tutor Status

Aquatic tutor status grants those with the appropriate pre-requisites the ability to deliver and assess Safety Training Award’s aquatic qualifications within their specific discipline.

Course Information

This course covers:

  • The roles, responsibilities and expectations of an STA tutor
  • The roles, responsibilities and expectations of an STA assessor
  • STA aquatic qualifications requirements
  • STA standards for delivery, assessing and paperwork
  • STA awarding organisation requirements and expectations
  • Demonstrating the ability to deliver technical theory topics in the chosen discipline
  • How to organise and deliver an STA aquatic course.

Length of Course

30 Recommended Guided Learning Hours.

Assessment Criteria

  • Demonstrate a high standard of technical knowledge
  • Demonstrate the ability to deliver and assess technical theory topics at the correct level using a variety of methods to engage and motivate learners
  • Demonstrate a high standard of presentation skills.
Please note: Learners who do not demonstrate the correct level of technical knowledge or tutoring ability expected from an STA tutor will be deemed not competent. If deemed not competent, learners will be asked to gain further skills and knowledge before attending another tutor course.

Gaining Full Tutor Status

Upon completion of this course, and after completing any additional requirements, tutors are granted probationary status and in order to gain full tutor status must:

Deliverable Qualifications

Upon successful completion of the probationary status, an aquatic tutor may deliver the following qualifications:

Qualification Discipline
Swimming Teaching Baby & Pre-School Open Water Swimming Coaching
STA Award in Teaching Swimming
STA Certificate in Teaching Swimming *
Baby and Pre-School Swimming
Open Water Swimming Coaching
Safety Award for Teachers

* Tutor must first deliver one STA Award in Teaching Swimming course
† Tutor must first hold a valid Safety Award for Teachers certificate

Validity of Tutor Status

To maintain the validity of status as an STA tutor, tutors must:

  • Attend updates and refresher courses, as and when required by STA
  • Hold current membership of STA.

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