Fire Safety Tutor Status

Fire safety tutor status grants those with the appropriate pre-requisites the ability to teach and assess the appropriate level of competence in STA’s Fire Marshall qualification.

Deliverable Qualifications

Upon successful application, a fire safety tutor may deliver the following course:

Gaining Full Tutor Status

Upon successful application, and after completing any additional requirements, tutors are granted probationary status and in order to gain full tutor status and maintain it must:

  • Within the first 24 months, be moderated delivering a Fire Marshall course
  • Be moderated delivering a course every 3 years.

Validity of Tutor Status

To maintain the validity of status as an STA tutor, tutors must:

  • Deliver at least 1 course within a 3 year period
  • Attend updates and a refresher course, as and when required by STA
  • Be moderated tutoring one during each 3 year period (fee applicable).

Interested? Before You Get Started…

You’ll need to make sure you’ve met the following requirements before you attend your course:

Apply for Your Tutor Status

Fire safety tutor status is gained via recognised prior learning, so you do not need to attend a course.

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