STA Launch New Digital Photometer – The Next Generation in Pool Water Testing

STA is set to revolutionise the leisure sector with the launch of a new digital Photometer that uniquely requires no calibration and links via Bluetooth to’s pool plant management programme, for real time analysis, instant email alerts and reporting.

Developed in partnership with Pool-i.d., STA’s new Photometer uses patented technologies to provide a superior and faster solution for any pool plant operator who is required to control and proactively maintain the correct water chemistry levels in their pool or spa.


As the leading award body for swimming and spa plant training, this new revolutionary piece of equipment complements STA’s record for innovation in the sector. The ‘5-in-1’ and ‘balanced water’ photometer kits, which read chlorine (free/total/combined), pH, cyanuric acid, calcium hardness, and alkalinity, boast a range of benefits. These include:

  • Analysis of results that are 100 times faster than the next leading brand
  • A digital LED sensor, which means there is no need for calibration, which saves pool managers time and money (this alleviates annual service costs and the pool operator having to have a spare while the other is being calibrated)
  • Linking via Bluetooth to’s pool plant management programme. By receiving real time analysis, instant email alerts and reporting, pool managers can put into place any required actions immediately, saving both time and money.

Theo Millward, Operations Director at STA, said: “We are committed to providing the industry with ever more efficient and effective resources that will help to ease the burden of pool plant managers.

“The launch of our photometer is just the latest example of how STA is proactively seeking new and exciting solutions that meet the demands of today’s stringent legislation and good practice guidelines.

“By streamlining the process of water testing and linking it to our superb online pool management system, STA has created the next generation in pool water testing.”

STA’s new Photometer launched at SPATEX 2014.

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