How Has STA Scored?

With swimming pools officially able to re-open in England on Saturday 25th July, it feels like we’ve finally reached our first milestone; and whilst there is still a long, long way to go for many, we’d like to take this time as an opportunity to gain your feedback, to see how you think STA has performed throughout this 18-week lock-down period.

It has been an unprecedented time, there is no other word to describe it, but from the start, our overarching aim has always been to do our utmost to help support and provide guidance to our members and the wider aquatics community – along the way we’ve created a library of free resources and hosted weekly webinars, ILSW and the industry’s first virtual Swim Expo. We’ve also tried to provide as much tangible and practical support as we can through the publication of our re-opening guidance document in May, and our free COVID-19 Officer Awareness training and free risk assessment planning tools.

For us all, it has been a steep learning curve trying to “piece together the jigsaw”, and we’d really value your feedback now on how you think we have performed – would you recommend STA, are there areas in which you think we are doing well and are there areas for improvement moving forward? To help us understand, we have chosen Net Promoter Score, which will give us a very quick method for surveying and analysing your feedback.

Please spare a few minutes to complete our Net Promoter Score here.

Thank you for your time.

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Dave Candler

Dave Candler

Dave has been involved in teaching swimming and leisure management for over 20 years. Prior to becoming CEO, Dave worked for ten years as the Operations, Swimming and Training Manager at one of the largest publicly run swim schools in the country. It was there where he gained valuable, insightful front-line experience of the leisure industry. He also worked as an STA tutor, training many hundreds (if not thousands) of teachers and gained multiple qualifications that support his role today at STA.

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