Swim Schools – Do you want to Build a Swimming Pool

Private swim schools occupy a large percentage of the learn to swim market, especially for baby swimming, but for those who want to expand their business and are reliant on hiring pools, it can be challenging to find a pool, one with the right temperature, or find pool space at a time that suits young customers.

As a result, and in follow to our 2023 Baby and Pre-School Swimming Survey, where more than half of all the swim schools we spoke to said they would consider building their own pool in the future, we have created a new ‘swim schools – do you want to build a swimming pool’ blog series. In this series, we will be featuring regular case studies and interviews from swim schools who have taken the plunge.

The Road to Net Zero

This month for SPATEX where net zero decarbonisation was one of the hottest topics of conversation, we spoke to swim school owner Russell Sparks who in 2022, just twelve months after building and opening the Swim Centre Wales, faced crippling energy costs.

Russell’s story of why this became the catalyst for the start of his swim school’s decarbonisation journey was featured in the February issue of Swimming Pool News.

read the full interview here (pages 36-37)

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