New Systems Are Coming!

Get ready for the biggest system update in STA history!

Revolutionary new systems are arriving on Tuesday, 1st November 2022.

Read below on how these will benefit you!

Our revolutionary new systems will soon positively change how you interact with STA’s products and services … the countdown is on.

In line with advancements in technology, STA has revolutionised its system architecture to bring members, ATCs, learners and Swim-Shop customers an all-new integrated IT platform. A bespoke system that has been developed and purpose-built to STA’s exact specifications to offer users advanced new features in STA Online, and to provide seamless integration from one login, with the new dynamic international STA Search portal and STA Swim-Shop.

These are STA’s most technologically advanced systems to date, and together they will positively transform how users manage and interact with all of STA’s products and services.

By investing in a purpose-built system and building it from the ground-up, STA has also created a strong IT foundation that allows for continuous growth and improvement – and one that can be built upon to integrate with future technologies.

STA Online

The main hub enabling access to ALL of STA’s products and services.

STA Swim-Shop

Re-designed providing one place to fulfil your purchasing needs.

STA Search

The place to be to find courses or support in your area, wherever you are.

What does this mean for you?

STA Online will now provide STA Members with a dedicated area to manage their memberships with easy access to all benefits their membership provides.

Noticeable improvements include:

  • Easily purchase and manage their Membership packages
  • ALL STA Membership packages are now purchasable via STA Online – no more filling in paper forms
  • Access to dedicated areas and resources
  • Automatically take advantage of membership discounts via STA’s Swim-Shop – no more contacting Head Office
  • Download all your documentation, including newly branded Membership certificates at the touch of a button
  • Access to benefits instantly, when applying for membership via Direct Debit – no more waiting for payment to be collected
  • Qualification certificates, requiring STA Membership as a pre-requisite are now automatically released upon applying for the required membership package

A password reset email will automatically be sent to members with an active STA Online account, upon system launch. STA will be using a different gateway to collect your Direct Debit subscriptions however you will notice no changes with how and when your subscriptions are collected.
A brand new STA Swim-Shop will also be launching alongside STA Online, providing an improved experience for customers when purchasing products and services.

Noticeable improvements include:

  • The ‘STA Store’ and ‘Online Learning’ purchase area have now been consolidated and merged with STA Swim-Shop allowing you to purchase all product types within one order, from one single website
  • Automatic referencing and applying of Membership and contract discounts
  • You can now purchase stand-alone resource manuals (such as STA’s Learn to Swim Programme Resource Manual) as an e-manual and add it to your library within your STA Online account
  • Part of a Corporate Status? Access your free online learning programmes or other items directly from the STA Swim-Shop without having to wait for colleagues to allocate them to you
  • Get notified as soon as your order is dispatched. If you are sending an order to different recipients, we now use packing lists to accommodate these scenarios
  • Feeling charitable? Round up your order total and donate your pennies to help out STA in it’s charitable objectives

A password reset email will automatically be sent to purchasers with an active STA Online account, upon system launch. STA will however be reviewing accounts and their ability to invoice orders to account (an alternative to paying by credit/debit card).

STA’s new systems will provide Approved Training Centres (ATC) with a brand new user experience and updated functionality to better administrate their courses.

Noticeable improvements include:

  • A brand new ‘Notifications’ area allowing ATCs, Tutors and Assessors to keep up to date with important communications
  • No more barriers to access course paperwork or resources – access all documentation in one place
  • A new way to access and print course assessment resources such as MCQ papers and portfolios
  • Ability to register retakes, seminars and tutor courses online
  • Add new sites directly to STA Online
  • Personalised certification
  • Brand new ‘STA Search’ advertising your brand
  • No more wait times when submitting and loading results
  • Improvements to adding and linking of learners
  • Following the launch of STA’s new systems, the consolidation of Synergy, into STA Online, will shortly follow 🎉

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A password reset email will automatically be sent to Co-ordinators, Administrators, Tutors and Assessors with an active STA Online account, upon system launch. All previous course, site, ATC and Tutor data will be migrated across automatically with no further action needed to be undertaken.
Now has never been a better time to be a learner with Safety Training Awards, especially with new features enabling learners to:

  • Easily find a course, ATC or even an STA Brand Ambassador in their area – the easiest way to access STA’s products and services with ease – whatever country you are in!
  • A brand new area allowing learners to personalise how and what they wish to be contacted on by STA
  • Easily book onto a course with STA’s improved invite process
  • A dedicated area to complete outstanding ‘Pre-course Questionnaires’
  • A dedicated area to view and download course certificates

A password reset email will automatically be sent to learners with an active STA Online account upon system launch. All previous course invites and certificates will be migrated across with no further action needed to be undertaken by the learner.

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