STA’s Definitive Standard for Swim School Businesses

Did you know that in the UK, anyone with an interest in swimming can set up a swim school?

There are no legislative barriers or hurdles to face, no industry rules or single authoritative overseeing body to determine whether the particular organisation is ‘fit for purpose’.

Therefore to give greater clarity and assurance to parents / guardians, STA, a national governing body for swimming and an international award-winning organisation, created the Swim Star Swim School programme. It has been designed to support independent swim schools within the UK and across the globe, and enables them to showcase to their customers, their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of health and safety, business procedures, teaching and customer service.

Gaining Swim Star Swim School Accreditation

To gain Swim Star Swim School status, a swim school must successfully achieve STAMark accreditation – this accreditation demonstrates that the swim school has met all of STA’s quality criterion in relation to the following key areas of their business:

Mandatory Topics

  • Managing Health and Safety
  • Operating Procedures
  • Documented Systems and Procedures
  • Staffing and Managing Development
  • Site Specific Environmental Protocols
  • Teaching Swimming Lessons
  • Customer Care
  • Emergency Action Plan

Maintain Your Skills

Bolt-on Topics

  • Business Development and Marketing
  • Pool Plant
  • Baby Safe Pool

Find STAmark Accredited Pools

Search for pools which have STAmark accreditation on our STA Search facility’s Swim Lessons search!

Find STAmark Accredited Pools

Zoe Cooper – STA Commercial Director confirms:

“By achieving Swim Star status through our STAmark accreditation programme, parents / guardians can be assured that their child’s swim school is adhering to the highest standards of health and safety, and is recognised by a governing body of swimming.”