Announcing this Year’s Conference Speakers and Exhibitors…

Swim schools, swimming teachers, open water coaches, pool operators, and tutors, we are delighted to announce the first of our Aquatic, Lifesaving and First Aid as well as Business and Marketing speakers for this year’s national conference on Saturday 29th October in Leicester. As always we have a record number of trade exhibitors attending this year’s conference, many of who will be offering exclusive show discounts, free giveaways, and competitions.

Conference Compere: Mike Goody

Mike Goody is a former RAF regiment gunner, having achieved gold medals at the Invictus Games – the international multi-sport event for sick and injured armed service personnel and veterans that was created by Prince Harry. Mike was nicknamed ‘prince of the pool’ following his gold medal haul at the games in 2014, had his leg amputated below the knee in 2011, three years after he was injured in Afghanistan. While out on patrol, an improvised explosive device (IED) exploded leaving him trapped for 3 hours under his 4.5 tonne armoured car. STA are proud to have Mike as their educational open water swimming and water safety ambassador to help raise awareness of the importance of learning to swim as a key life skill.

Lifesaving and First Aid
Business and Marketing

Keynote Speaker: Wayne Goldsmith

Leading the line-up as keynote is Wayne Goldsmith, a multi-award-winning sports coach from Australia. With over 28 years experience working with some of the best coaches, athletes, teams and sporting organizations in the world, WG Coaching offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn what it takes to become the best. WG Coaching is led by Wayne Goldsmith, a coaching professional with a remarkable, unique and very special background in sport. Since the early 1990’s, Wayne has worked directly with Olympic Champions, Professional Athletes, Professional Teams and Winning Coaches across the globe.

  • Keynote Seminar: Be the Flame for Future Generations

    Remember “that” teacher? You know the one I mean. The teacher who touched your heart. The teacher who inspired your imagination. The teacher who first believed in you – and helped you to believe that anything was possible. Well – YOU are now THAT teacher. In this inspirational keynote address, Wayne will show you how teachers can be the flame and how you can light the fire to inspire the hearts and minds of your students.

  • First Seminar: Quality Teaching = Outstanding Results and Happy Kids

    Learn to swim programs are typically driven by and focused on the consistent delivery of set curricula, competencies, and syllabi.


    What if we thought of quality teaching not as something driven by a “tick the box” sequence of established, inflexible learning activities – but rather as a teacher – learner relationship growth experience first and foremost. What if – instead of being overly focused on the adherence of teachers to the delivery of program competencies – we encouraged teachers to explore and express their own unique “genius” and creativity.

  • Third Seminar: Parent Relationships: Bring Parents Along for the Journey

    It can be tough being a swimming teacher:


    There’s always one kid who’s having trouble listening and following instructions. And….then there’s those “eyes” – the eyes of every parent of every child you teach watching every move you make!!

    It can be easy to think of parents as difficult, challenging – even judgemental – but in reality, they want – what you want – how to help their child learn to swim and, in the process, fall in love with being in and around water safely. And most importantly – they love their kids. In this session, Wayne will talk about PARENTS AS PARTNERS – and how by bringing the parents along for the journey – you can achieve superior results in your learn to swim teaching program.

Wayne Goldsmith will also be exhibiting and available to talk throughout the day, as well as advertising his range of WG Coaching books.

Aquatics *Sponsored by ThinkSmart Software (SwimBiz)

Erika Gleeson
Founder of Autism Swim

Erika is a Senior Behaviour Specialist and the Founder and CEO of Autism Swim. She is also an author, speaker and university lecturer. Erika has over 15 years experience in the inclusion sector, supporting those with a range of unique needs.

  • Seminar: *ZOOM CALL* Behaviour Support

    Autism Swim’s most requested area of support: behaviour! This is not only relevant to those with unique needs, but will be applicable to all of your students. We’ll talk through the functions of behaviour, strategies, considerations, incident reporting and behaviour support plans.

Anita Sharma
Swim School Owner, Tutor and STA Brand Ambassador

Anita has been involved in the swimming industry for nearly 30 years and the passion she first felt has not diminished, it has grown with every year that has passed.

Having ran her own swim school Swimsafe UK, Anita gained a huge amount of experience in dealing with the public and how to increase swimming participation. Having partnered with the private leisure industry to improve their swimming lesson provision and partners included: David Lloyd Leisure, Village Hotels, Greens Health Clubs, Esporta Health Clubs and Schools. Anita’s my role as Roving Tutor for Swim Wales she was fortunate enough to travel extensively across Wales visiting many leisure centres to deliver training. As Chief Development Officer (CDO) for Family Box Ltd, China, her role was to support the expansion of the company across China. With only one site in Beijing when she first arrived in 2012, there were seven sites up and running across China by the time Anita left in 2018. The core business for Family Box was swimming, in particular baby swimming. Anita counts herself as very fortunate to have been involved in so many areas of the industry both here and abroad.

  • Seminar: Play with a Purpose & the Games Based Approach

    A common question asked by swimming teachers is what games / activities can I do with this age group or what can I do with this child who is struggling with the leg kick? etc. So to get some answers to these questions, come along to this workshop. A fun and interactive workshop to develop a host of games / activities / songs that achieve the Swim Skills and Movement Literacy skills of participants. We will look at sharing ideas on the appropriate games / activities for the different age groups. The workshop will involve group activities, singing and games. Best of all, you will hopefully all leave the workshop with more ideas and activities for your swimming lessons.

Julie Kamara
Developmental Play and Movement Practitioner and Co-Founder of Aqua Education International Training & Consultancy Services

  • Seminar: How retained reflexes can impact your learn to swim programme

    We are all born with primitive reflexes. Reflexes are a baby’s friend in the first year – they help the baby to Thrive and Survive. For some of us these reflexes integrate into our bodily systems with ease, for others retained reflexes can be detrimental to our developmental timeline. Why is it important to consider reflexes in our swimming classes?

    Because swimming requires co-ordinated and fluid movement. If reflexes are still operating in children’s system, they will hinder all swim strokes, safety skills and swim practices.
    We will look at two common challenges in children, We know that some swimming teachers are seeing:

    A lack of rotation or over rotating in children
    A resistance to back work, the fear of being on the back or an inability to relax into a supine position

    – Do you ever wonder why some children find back work difficult beyond?
    – Do you ever wonder why some children find rotating to breathe difficult?

    We’ll briefly outline which reflexes support or hinder the above practices and bring an awareness to the importance of understanding Reflexes in the Aquatic Environment. I look forward to seeing you all!

Dawn Whittaker
Chief Fire Officer at East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, Deputy Chair Prevention Committee – National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC), and Chair of the National Water Safety Forum.

For 9 years, Dawn also served as the CFOA/ NFCC lead for Drowning Prevention and Water Safety.

This will be the first of two seminars Dawn will deliver, with the Aquatics focus being on ‘Developing neurodiversity communication strategies to advance water safety education’.

  • Seminar: Developing neurodiverse communication and education strategies to advance water safety

    Understanding the different ways children and adults with neurodiverse conditions think, learn, process, behave and react is vital for advancing communications in water safety education. During this seminar, Dawn Whittaker will share her personal and professional experience to change the way you might think about neurodiversity and how you can tailor your communications to effect positive change in water safety education.

Francesca Lynch
Swimming Teacher and a Founder of an Innovative Schools’ Pools Programme in the Midlands

Francesca is a Director of Maverick Sport Ltd, founded in 2020.

Francesca was born and raised in the Black Country and always had a key passion for sports from a young age. She studied Sports Science at the University of Worcester where she graduated in 2012 and completed her first swimming teacher qualification shortly after. She then worked in the private sector for swimming for a number of years before moving into education sector where she worked as a swimming teacher for various Primary and Secondary Schools. In 2020 Francesca co-founded Maverick Sport Ltd which is now a small family-run business providing Learn to Swim lessons, Holiday Camps, PE lessons and their innovative Pop-Up Pool Programme.

Ella Foote
Editor of Outdoor Swimmer Magazine

Ella Foote is a freelance journalist, STA swim teacher, open water coach, open water lifeguard and year-round outdoor swimmer. She is Editor at Outdoor Swimmer magazine and the founder and director of Dip Advisor an outdoor swim guiding business.

  • Seminar: Growth in Outdoor Swimming and why it Matters...?
    • Share statistics and information on growth of outdoor swimming, why people swim outdoors, issues and risks
    • Why it matters when teaching
    • Ideas on how to shape an outdoor swimmer through teaching
    • Opportunities for teachers: Coaching, lifeguarding and events
    • Supporting campaigns to improve access to water and water quality.

Sophie Etheridge
Open Water Coach, Adaptive Athlete and STA Brand Ambassador

Sophie will be sharing her expertise on how to make open water swimming more accessible and inclusive. Sophie will share practical advice for swimmers and coaches.

Prof Mike Tipton MBE
Professor of Human & Applied Physiology at the Extreme Environments Laboratory, School of Sport, Health & Exercise Science at the University of Portsmouth.

Mike joined the University of Surrey in 1986. After 12 years at the Robens Institute and European Institute of Health and Medical Science he moved to the University of Portsmouth in 1998. He co-founded the International Drowning Researcher’s Alliance.

Mike will also be available for Q&A in the “Open Water Safety Panel” seminar.

Dr Heather Massey
Senior Lecturer Within the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science

Heather has been a member of the Extreme Environments Laboratory since 2007 where she completed a PhD in the area of Environmental Cross-adaptation in Humans. Prior to that she worked at the Institute of Naval Medicine within the Environmental Medicine Unit for six years.

Heather’s research interests are in the area of human exposure to heat, cold and altitude and how we can prepare and mitigate the effects of these environments. More recently, she has become interested in establishing if these extreme environments have any benefits to health and wellbeing. She has published 50 research papers and co-authored two book chapters. As well as teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students, Heather provides advice and support to a range of companies, charities and the media on questions associated with her research. In her spare time Heather is a keen open water swimmer having successfully completed a solo crossing of the English Channel, numerous other open water swims including relay swims round Jersey, Jersey to France, round the Isle of Wight as well as representing GB in the World Ice Swimming Championships 1k event (2017).

Heather will also be available for Q&A in the “Open Water Safety Panel” seminar.

  • Seminar: Cold Water Immersion: Kill or Cure

    Cold water swimming and immersion (CWI) have become increasingly popular in recent times largely founded on the anecdotal evidence of the physical and mental health benefits to be derived from this activity. In this seminar (“CWI Kill or Cure”) Prof Tipton and Dr Massey will examine the risks and benefits to be gained from CWI and provide advice on engaging in CWI in a way that minimises risk and maximises potential benefits.

Joel Cahen
Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Liquid Vibrations

Joel Cahen is Artistic Director co-founder of Liquid Vibrations, a small disabled-led charity that has pioneered the practice of Musical Hydrotherapy – combining aquatic body therapy and music therapy – for children and adults with complex needs, and for well-being.

Joel specialises in designing and recording sound for film, dance, theatre, radio and art productions. He is also a curator and organiser of experiential art works and installations, including Wet Sounds, an underwater concert project that sonifies both wet and dry areas of swimming pools and We’re All Bats, a series of online and on-site workshops, activities and events dedicated to Listening Arts.

Lorna Crust
Competitive Swimmer / Coach and Trained PE Teacher / Lecturer

Lorna Crust is a tutor, founder and co-director of Aquakids Swim School, which has more than 900 pupils and is also co-founder of Equability Training.

  • Seminar: Musical Hydrotherapy

    The therapeutic benefits of music therapy and aquatic body therapy on children with profound and complex needs are well documented. But what would happen if children experiencing aquatic therapy were also able to listen to – and feel the vibrations from – specially composed music under water? For almost a decade now, our small charity has been working with swimming teachers, therapists and practitioners in special needs schools across the UK to demonstrate that Musical Hydrotherapy can help children with profound disabilities to experience deep relaxation, increased motor and sensory skills, increased vocalisation, improved wellbeing – and sheer joy. This seminar will introduce our Musical Hydrotherapy practice, explain how it works in the water and use case studies to illustrate its benefit to swimming teachers as well as pupils, and to adults with a range of disabilities as well as to children. The session will be led by Liquid Vibrations Artistic Director and sound artist Joel Cahen, and Lorna Crust, who has been teaching in Special Schools for over three decades and currently has close links with Marjory McClure Special School (a YST Lead Inclusion School in South East London). Lorna has embedded Musical Hydrotherapy into her teaching practice for both children and adults and is working to develop its growth, not only within the complex needs sector but for children and adults with anxiety and long-term health conditions.

Keri-anne Payne
Two-time World 10km Open Water Champion, an Olympic Silver medallist and the founder of Triscape.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Keri-anne won the silver medal in the inaugural 10k marathon swim.

As one of the most memorable events of the Beijing Olympics, the marathon swim led to an explosion of public interest and participation in open water swimming events in the UK and Worldwide. Since Keri-anne’s retirement from competitive swimming she has moved her focus to inspiring more people to get into the open water and take on their next sporting challenge.

Keri-anne will also be available for Q&A in the “Open Water Safety Panel” seminar.

Leon Fryer
Qualified Open Water Swimming Coach and one of the Founding Coaches of Swimyourswim (SYS).

Leon Fryer completed an End-2-End swim of Coniston & Windermere in the Lake District, swam across the Solent, the river Humber and taken part in Chill Swim events.

Leon also completed the Ice Mile in November 2013. Swimming one mile in Treeton Dyke, at a temperature of 3.8ºC, he became the 64th member of the International Ice Swimming Association.

Aquabatix is the world’s leading professional synchronised swimming team who produce innovative water entertainment for live events and underwater production projects globally. Fusing the glamour of Hollywood with the acrobatics of an Olympic sport, we have forged our very own aquatic niche within the entertainment industry.

Adele Carlson
Aquabatix Founder

Katie Fried
Aquabatix Founder

  • Seminar: Practical Pool Session

    Let’s get Artistic. Join Aquabatix in the pool for a practical session covering how to teach a variety of core artistic swimming skills. Featuring body balance drills, enhanced sculling techniques and team work, the session promises to be fun and informative and provide you with an enhanced set of creative aquatic skills to add to your everyday swimming lessons.

Lifesaving and First Aid

Dawn Whittaker
Chief Fire Officer at East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, Deputy Chair Prevention Committee – National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC), and Chair of the National Water Safety Forum.

For 9 years, Dawn also served as the CFOA/ NFCC lead for Drowning Prevention and Water Safety.

Richard Cooper
STA Tutor

Richard is the director and lead trainer / assessor of RNC training and comes from a professional background of working in the fire service with a career spanning over 30 years.

  • Seminar: Happy Work Place (Mental Health)

    Richard will be discussing the employers responsibilities for mental health. Which includes:

    • Identifying some of the common topics associated with mental health in the workplace
    • Mental health first aid associated with common issues
    • Wellbeing considerations and action for a better workplace
    • Sign posting to competent referral pathways.

Toni Murch
Toni is a 32-year veteran Paramedic and currently lead resuscitation officer at Greater Manchester Mental health NHS Trust.

Tony has worked in some of the most hostile and remote areas of the world including Iraq, Afghanistan, and North Africa to name a few. He is considered the expert on external bleeding control due to his knowledge and experience dealing with severe trauma.

  • Seminar: Bleeding control a stepwise approach

    Catastrophic haemorrhage remains one of the biggest causes of preventable death the world over. This seminar will enhance your knowledge of the correct way to deal with it utilising the current tools available. Subjects covered will include:
    Coagulation and coagulopathy, latest guidelines (ERC JRCALC etc.) Correct use of direct pressure, correct use of pressure dressings, haemostatic agents, and tourniquets. Plus, anything you ever wanted to know about dealing with the bleeding patient.

Simon Bangham
Paramedic and Paramedic Trainer at West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust

James Rogers
Relationship Fundraising Manager

James currently leads the Southwest Community fundraising team for the British Heart Foundation and hugely motivated by their vision of a world free from the fear of heart and circulatory diseases. With over 12 years’ experience of working in the charity sector, he is extremely passionate about making a real difference.

Ben Lee
Area Fundraising Manager

Ben is the relationship fundraising manager for BHF. He works with corporations in Bristol, Bath and Gloucestershire and communities to support our wonderful Fundraisers. He helps Fundraising Groups, individual Fundraisers and any local organisations who want to support the BHF and the vital work that they do.

Business and Marketing

A leading full-service creative marketing agency and one of the largest in the South West, working from three Devon Based offices in Exeter, Torquay and Plymouth. Bigwave provide innovative and cost-effective marketing, design and digital services and are both a Google Partner and a Facebook Marketing Partner.

Gemma Ross
Head of Paid Media – Bigwave Media

  • Seminar: The Ultimate Guide to META Advertising

    Everything you need to run effective paid social campaigns that will grow your business.

    • Why to avoid the ‘Boost Post’ button like plague
    • What campaign types will work for your business
    • How to generate a return on ad spend that is guaranteed to grow any business
    • Learn how to reach the right audience (even with the changes to privacy)
    • Discover the creative best practices for imagery, videos and ad copy that will resonate with your audience
    • Learn how to drive high quality leads for your business for less money than a cinema ticket (without even having a good website)
    • Simple automation tools that integrate with META to streamline processes and reduce workloads & much more

Carolyn Southcott
Client Marketing Manager – Bigwave Media

  • Seminar: How to target your audience and use effective marketing tools.

    In this session, we will explore the latest marketing insights to highlight the optimum budget split between digital and traditional marketing, and how to achieve results based on targeting your unique audience with the most effective methods. We will also share some interesting statistics on how to split your budget to receive optimum results, and how you can also potential market for free!

    With so many options available in the marketing mix we will talk about “Tradigital” marketing and how to get your online and offline campaigns working for you, to make a difference and achieve results. We will also discuss and review the different creative platforms and what type of content you should be using to engage with your audience, whilst looking at how important it is to segment your target market based on their demographics and personas to ensure that each unique piece of marketing is planned to really grab your consumers attention. In times when budgets are stretched, choosing the best method and what budget to allocate can be hard to decide, We will help to explore options that aren’t necessarily as expensive as you may think, focus on marketing that is beneficial to the environment, and how you can create a meaningful campaign no matter what your goals and budgets are!

Dr Julie Bradshaw
MBE, World Record Marathon Swimmer and Mindset Coach

World Record Marathon Swimmer, Female Entrepreneur, Mindset Coach, Psychotherapist & Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, MD Blackpool Pier to Pier Open Water Swim Event

  • Seminar: Channel of Business Success

    Inspiring and motivating attendees through my successful swim story, showing mindset is crucial to achieving goals and potential, and providing tips to use in their own lives and business. It is about having the right systems and processes in place to get results.

Georgie Poole
Head of Events, Marketing & Consumer Engagement, ukactive

World Record Marathon Swimmer, Female Entrepreneur, Mindset Coach, Psychotherapist & Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, MD Blackpool Pier to Pier Open Water Swim Event

Georgie leads ukactive’s events and marketing function and has recently taken on the maternity cover for the consumer engagement work, to develop the sector’s understanding of consumer expectations, barriers, behaviours, and trends to support ukactive’s Vision 2030. Georgie has extensive experience in event delivery, previously working at Goodwood and has been delivering ukactive’s flagship events for over five years. Her role has led her to lead the marketing and promotional aspects of all ukactive events and key sector facing campaign – National Fitness Day – through the management of the creative and social team at ukactive.

  • Seminar: How to improve your services for women and girls: As told by the 51%

    In 2021 ukactive and This Girl Can joined forces on behalf of the fitness and leisure sector to better understand the barriers women and girls face in taking part in physical activity in this setting and translate these findings into actionable advice that the sector can use to attract more women and girls into their facilities. This seminar will look at the reason why this work came about, the findings and recommendations released as part of the ‘How to improve your services for women and girls: As told by the 51%’. ukactive will also talk about Vision 2030 and the wider Consumer Engagement work being undertaken to inform and support this vision – to reach 5 million more people engaging in the fitness and leisure sector by 2030.

Lucas Karemo
Google Digital Skills Coach

A certified, accredited traditional and digital media communications professional in the field of interactive growth and human-centric creative led marketing solutions.

Lucas Karemo, prides himself upon his knowledge, skills, and ability to engage with people for continuous self-empowerment and business development. An accomplished Team Leader, Digital Trainer & Business Coach, Outreach & Partnership lead for the Google Digital Garage, part of the Google Growth Programme.

  • Seminar: Google Tools to Help SMEs

    An interactive discussion on how SMEs can think more strategically and use every day Google Tools can help them on their digital journey. We’ll discuss and learn together 5 of the key fundamental Google tools to develop a digital strategy and R.E.A.N…

Sophie Dakin
Partnership Executive at Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity

Rafe Turner
Partnership Executive at Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity

Kayle Brightwell
STA Head of Qualification Development

Dave Candler

  • Seminar: The Do's and Don'ts of Running an ATC

    During this seminar, Kayle Brightwell and Dave Candler will address, and dissect the most common and recurring “don’ts”, and provide guidance on what ATCs can “do” to address them in the future to ensure compliance as well support them in their delivery.


If you join us on the Friday night too, we will be hosting a 90th anniversary party at the Leicester Marriott Hotel – and you are all invited!

Details for the Pool Plant Convention on Friday 28th October, can be found HERE

2022 Exhibitors

We are proud to announce this years headline sponsor is:

Born in Australia, Zoggs is now swimming all around the world, with passion for creating innovative, exciting and high quality swimwear and equipment. Zoggs want swimmers, whether just starting out; for fitness or recreation; the great outdoors or in triathlons, to enjoy freedom, fun and exhilaration of the water. What matters is that swimmers enjoy life in the fun lane with unconditional trust in their Zoggs equipment.

Big Wave Marketing

We provide innovative and cost-effective marketing, design and digital services and are both a Google Partner and a Facebook Marketing Partner. We will be promoting our services and marketing consultancy.

Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport & Physical Activity

CIMSPA is the professional development body for the UK’s sport and physical activity sector. Our vision is to shape a recognised, valued and inclusive sport and physical activity sector that everyone can be part of. We will be promoting the opportunities available to all STA stakeholders to engage with CIMSPA on an individual & organisational level to support themselves and their workforce.

Konfidence Ltd

As Europe’s largest designers and manufacturers of baby swimming products, buoyancy aids and UVPF sun protection clothing and wetsuits for children up to 14 years of age, we continue to innovate and give customers what they want, rather than what we think they need. Over the years, we have formed really great relationships within our industry, including working with swim teachers, national swim schools and the Swimming Teachers’ Association as well as the RLNI. Collaborating with them ensures that the Konfidence products continue to be relevant and the very best they can be. We also work with and design for many major high street retailers, swim schools and holiday companies.

Liquid Vibrations

Liquid Vibrations is a volunteer-led charity set up to enhance the health and well-being of disabled children and young people. Formed in 2010 by Adele Drake, founder of Drake Music, and sound practitioner Joel Cahen, the charity pioneers the practice of Musical Hydrotherapy and is the only one of its kind in the UK. We are a small volunteer-run and disabled-led charity – all money goes towards direct services. Musical Hydrotherapy combines the benefits of hydrotherapy for physical development, pain relief and wellness with unique technology that enables participants to listen to and absorb musical soundwaves within the water. Sessions promote full-body and mind relaxation, encourages positive mental wellbeing and offers a unique opportunity to fully relax and engage with music in a way that is all-encompassing. Liquid Vibrations believes that every child has the right to engage in activity that enriches their life experiences. We believe music plays a vital role in achieving positive wellbeing and in turn enhances communication and interaction with the world around us. We are keen to expand our work into more schools and hydrotherapy pools and to train more swimming teachers in our practice. We will be promoting the benefits of our work and encouraging teachers to find our more about it alongside our seminar session and – hopefully – some taster sessions in the hotel pool.

Aqua Sensory

Aqua Sensory it isn’t simply an online course, it’s a transformation program and ethos to create sensory harmony in water. Our unique courses provide swim teachers with child- development, sensory know-how and early years education to elevate your swim knowledge. Come and visit us on our stand and discover more about the Aqua Sensory 3 in 1 program and our new program Bath Babies. Being part of Aqua Sensory means, you will gain ongoing support with access to a whole library of resources and experts in their fields.

Blu Leisure Ltd

Blu Leisure provides Blu branded and client branded fitness and swimwear, bespoke staff uniform and promotional items to gyms, spas, leisure centres and hotels.


Fitronics are a software brand with a portfolio of cutting-edge solutions to increase member retention and reduce admin time for leisure-based organisations. The Fitronics brands include, TRP, CoursePro, Strive, Consult, MEA and Wam. If you’re a swim school or operator looking to increase customer satisfaction and reduce admin time, speak to the team today to find out how we can help.

ThinkSmart Software Ltd – SwimBiz

Class booking & management software for swim clubs & classes. Expertly streamlined all-in-one solution that saves you time & money. That’s why more than 2,500 class-based businesses around the globe use our world-class software. Our easy-to-use class booking, management & admin system has been built by a team who live & breathe the swim sector, so we know first-hand how to make your life easier. All STA members will get their first 6 months free of charge if they sign up for a 14 trial during the conference.

Swimphony Ltd

We will be looking to promote our digital swimming solutions that help deliverers of swimming programmes, manage, monitor and deliver their swimming programmes. The sectors we cover are:
1) National curriculum school swimming 2) Learn to swim and baby swimming lessons.


AquaPlane is a fun multi-functional swimming aid that is there throughout a child’s swimming development. Kids love the confidence and security that using one exciting float gives them. Aqua Plane doubles as a serious teaching aid and fun water toy, supporting when worn on the back and evolving into a kick board as the child increases their swimming skills.

Swim Secure

Swim Secure help swimmers stay safe and seen in the open water. Our market -leading range of Tow Floats and Dry Bags keeps swimmers visible and their kit safe and dry. The range includes specialty products for tuition and those new to open water, plus a range of accessories to enable safe and comfortable swimming.

Mor Solutions

SwimSoft Online – Affordable swimming and leisure course management software systems to help you save time, reduce administration, simplify and take the stress out of collecting payments – whilst you maximise retention and profit.

AULT Insurance

Insurance partner for the STA as well as providing insurance for swim schools and clubs. We are here to promote our Insurance product and meet with our existing customers. Here at Swimsure we have a wealth of experience in the field of swim school insurance and feel that we also offer a first class service. Our insurance policy is not a standard off the shelf liability insurance product and has been specifically tailored to meet the insurance requirements of swim schools and clubs, irrespective of size.

British Heart Foundation

The BHF funds scientific research that can save and improve the lives of people affected by heart and circulatory diseases. Everyone has a heart precious to someone else: a devoted mum or dad, a beloved grandparent, an irreplaceable friend. When just one heart stops, countless more are left devastated by the loss. Heart and circulatory diseases kill 1 in 4 people in the UK – the impact is felt by us all. And people living with these conditions continue to need our invaluable information and support.

STA Excel

STA Excel are a trading subsidiary of The Swimming Teachers’ Association (STA), an international award-winning charity working towards the objective of preserving human life by the teaching of swimming, lifesaving and survival techniques. Through STA’s awarding organisation, Safety Training Awards, we deliver vocational qualifications specialising in the health and leisure industry. We do things properly and take your training seriously, which is why we’re a registered approved training centre (ATC) with Safety Training Awards.


Take control of your swim school with Soakly, our specialist swimming management software. Having run swim schools, we understand the rewarding pleasures and fun of passing on your knowledge to the next generation. We also know how the pleasures contrast with the pressures, complexities and financial and organisational issues with running your business. In 2008 Stella joined her local Water Babies Franchise as a teacher. This inspired her to buy her own Franchise in 2011 which she sold a decade later, allowing her to focus on Soakly, alongside Dive In, her Learn to Swim school. The experience of running such a well-established swim school has taught her the highs and lows of the operational and administrative issues you will be facing. Stella has developed a strong knowledge of pool uptime and utilisation and has a keen interest in pool water quality and safety. Rob has worked with Water Babies since 2002 and supported it through its growth stages, including developing its bespoke information management system, which has been the administrative backbone of the network. Our combined experiences compelled us to make easy-to-use software to reduce your admin and give you the breathing space to focus on teaching and running an efficient school. We built Soakly, to share with you. It is designed and developed in the UK, by swim school owners, for swim school owners.

Swim Takya

SwimTayka connects organisations in low resource waterside communities with volunteer swimming instructors and drowning prevention educators from around the world, in order to develop and promote free swimming and drowning prevention lessons for children. Volunteer programmes run from one week up to two months and include instruction in basic water safety, swimming, first aid and clean water education.

Her Spirit

HER SPIRIT IS ON A MISSION TO INSPIRE EVERY WOMAN TO BECOME FITTER, STRONGER AND HEALTHIER. Join our global community of like-minded women all getting fitter, stronger and healthier together. We believe your mind, body and fuel are intrinsically linked and taking small achievable steps will lead to big changes. Regardless of your ability, location or stage of life Her Spirit has something for everyone. We are an inclusive bunch of women who believe that being fit and healthy shouldn’t be a chore but something you love to do. Our mantra is Together We’ve Got This and together we support each other to live life to the full and achieve mind, body and fuel goals we never thought possible. For every Premium membership bought we gift a membership to a woman on a low or no income. At Her Spirit we provide personalised, affordable coaching for your mind, body and fuel. Inspiring women everywhere to become fitter, stronger and healthier.


Aquabatix is the world’s leading professional synchronised swimming team who produce innovative water entertainment for live events and underwater production projects globally. Fusing the glamour of Hollywood with the acrobatics of an Olympic sport, we have forged our very own aquatic niche within the entertainment industry.

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