Notification of Award Changes

As part of the International Learn to Swim Programme award update and the launch of the new Junior Lifeguard Academy, some additional and supporting awards have been incorporated into the new Junior Lifeguard Academy. The following awards are being phased out and replaced:

Old Award New Award
Beaver Series Junior Lifeguard Seal Series 1 – 5
Otter Series Junior Medic Series
Synchronised Swimming 1 – 4 Junior Lifeguard Synchronised Swimming Taster 1 – 2

The current ILSP Seal Series (personal survival) of awards will be renamed as the Dolphin Series, and there will only be levels 1 and 2. Levels 3 and 4 will also be phased out as they form part of the Junior Lifeguard Seal Series.

Please note that the Bronze, Silver and Gold Water Safety Series are still available to purchase on our Swim-Shop.

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