Important Notice From BSI – Have Your Say on PAS 520

The closing date for consultation is Wednesday 11th January 2017

BSI would like to invite STA members to comment on the following revision during the current 5 week consultation period for PAS 520 Safeguarding 0 to 4 year old children within the teaching of swimming, including any associated professional photography – Code of practice.

A PAS (Publicly Available Specification) is a sponsored, fast-track, consensus-building informal standard that is produced by the UK national standards body, BSI Standards Limited. The development of PAS 520 was sponsored by Water Babies.

To download and review the draft, please click here. You will need to log in or register for free to review the draft.

The closing date for consultation is Wednesday 11th January 2017.

Please Read:

Following on from the publication of PAS 520 in 2015, BSI received feedback requesting a number of the elements of the PAS be reviewed. The main points raised were around:

  • Recommendations concerning swimming school class types and teaching ratios
  • Recommended qualifications
  • Alignment of wording (e.g. ‘responsible adult’, ‘member of staff’), to avoid confusion

Since then, much work has been undertaken, in conjunction with STA, to address these points and the revised draft reflects these changes. We ask that you download the PDF draft with tracked changes (at the top of the draft review page) using the above link and pay particular attention to these changes.

Please submit your comments to Dave Candler prior to the closing date so that STA can collate and provide a cohesive, non-contradictory, set of comments through our online Draft Review System.

To submit feedback, please download and complete the supplied comment form and attach your comments to an email to

We thank you in advance for your time and help with this project. Your input is highly valued.

Note: STA fully supports the development of British Standards on the regulation of swimming; we wholly agree that there should be a policy and that the information contained in PAS 520 is perfectly reasonable. However, as mentioned above we have been working positively with BSI to address concerns raised by members on several of the points included in the document. Therefore, please use this as an opportunity to submit your comments and have your say.

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