Working in Swimphony to Help Shape the Future of School Swimming

STA is pleased to announce a new partnership with Swimphony, a digital solution that facilitates the management, delivery, and evaluation of school swimming programmes throughout the UK.

Swimphony has been designed by Kinetic Insight Limited to help Local Authorities and Leisure Operators simplify the delivery of school swimming programmes, and remove the reliance on paper-based records and manual data entry.

By using the Swimphony app, swimming teachers are able to quickly and efficiently capture pupil attendance and attainment data at the poolside. The data is then synchronised at the end of each lesson so that schools and programme administrators are able analyse pupil performance in real time.

Lee Connolly, Founder and CEO of Kinetic Insight Limited said: Swimphony is a solution that was designed to address a very specific and real issue. It is an unfortunate fact that many children in the UK are leaving school without being able to meet the minimum national curriculum standards for school swimming.

There is no denying the commitment from all stakeholders attempting to address this issue, but one of the fundamental problems is a lack of reliable school swimming data. Swimphony facilitates the collection of rich attendance, attainment, baseline and demographic data from school swimming programmes delivered throughout the UK. This data has the power to inform strategic change to significantly improve the management, evaluation and delivery of school swimming nationally.

Lee adds: We are therefore absolutely delighted to be partnering with STA—together we share a real passion for school swimming. Through collaboration and shared learning, I am confident that we can combine our experience with the data collected by Swimphony to identify the best model of delivery for school swimming. This will ensure that every child is given the best opportunity to succeed and learn this essential life skill.

Zoe Cooper, Sales and Marketing Director at STA, is proud to be working proactively with Swimphony to help shape the future of school swimming provision in the UK.

She says: Swimphony is one of the best digital solutions we have seen for capturing and analysing school swimming data, in terms of its functionality and ease of use for everyone involved in the school swimming chain. Moreover, the information being captured is important for the future of school swimming; for the first time we have access to insightful data that can help inform and drive positive changes in school swimming.

As part of the partnership, Swimphony is also offering STA members an exclusive 5% discount which can be obtained with proof of STA membership.

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