Be Trauma-Informed with STA’s NEW Online CPD

In partnership with Janine Ramsey from Trauma-Informed Aquatics, STA is delighted to introduce a new online CPD titled ‘Fundamentals of Trauma-Informed Practice in Swimming Lessons’. This introductory CPD has been created to help swimming teachers gain a foundational understanding of what it means to be trauma-informed when delivering swimming lessons.

The new CPD, which has been written by Janine and built by STA in consultation with the industry, is available now via STA Online. It takes swimming teachers through the steps of understanding trauma-informed principles and practices, and how they apply in swimming lessons. Swimming teachers will study why this is essential knowledge for achieving optimal wellbeing and learning outcomes, while learning how to deliver trauma-informed swimming teaching practices.

Kayle Brightwell, STA’s Director of Education says: “All STA’s teaching practices, from babies through to adults, promote a participant-led approach to swimming lessons with the aim of building water confidence and a lifelong love of the water. Janine’s new trauma-informed CPD reflects this ethos. It will help swimming teachers of all disciplines be more mindful of participants prior experiences, and be more empathic and responsive to their needs and feelings.”

Janine Ramsey, who has more than 40 years’ experience in the aquatics industry in roles including swimming teacher, tutor and swim school owner, said: “From inception in 1932, STA has been driven by a strong set of internal values and principles centred around cooperation, and passionate people working together collaboratively to bring world leading practices to aquatics for the greater good of all involved. Building on this formidable history, and drawing upon the latest neuroscientific evidence base, applying a trauma-informed lens to aquatic practices is the next step in the evolution and delivery of highest quality participant-centred practice at all levels within the industry.

Therefore, I am so delighted and honoured to partner with STA in bringing this pioneering CPD in Trauma-Informed Aquatics to the world. This portfolio of work is both a reflection and an enrichment of the ethos embodied by the STA at all levels within the organisation. I am so grateful to Kayle and the team at STA for seeing the value in this work, for engaging in a manner that is entirely congruent with trauma-informed principles and STA’s founding values and principles, and for sharing my vision for a safer, trauma-informed approach in aquatics, worldwide. It is a deeply heart-warming journey to be on with you. Thank you.”

Kayle added: “Janine’s passion is infectious; she has exceptional knowledge of what toxic stress and trauma is with infants in the aquatics industry, and we look forward to sharing her world-leading expertise with all of our swimming teachers. Together, by having this knowledge and awareness, we can create trauma-informed environments where participants feel included, supported and respected – and where they can gain a lifelong enjoyment of the water.”

The new online Trauma-Informed CPD can be purchased here

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