STA International First Aid

The STA’s International First Aid course trains learners in CPR techniques, first aid and dealing with first aid emergencies.

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This course is aimed at people who would like to become a first aider.

On successful completion of the course, learners will be issued with a STA International First Aid Certificate.

On successful completion of the course, learners will:

  • Be able to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation for an adult sudden collapse casualty
  • Be able to perform first aid for an unconscious casualty including the recovery position and aftercare
  • Be able to administer first aid for a range of injuries including choking, bleeding, burns, muscle and bone injuries
  • Be able to administer first aid for a range of conditions including heart attack, stroke, shock, diabetes and seizures
  • Be able to respond to and manage an emergency situation
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a first aider.
In order to attend the course, learners must:

  • Be 16 years old at the time of the assessment
  • Be able to kneel on the floor to demonstrate CPR.
  • Learners will be assessed on their theoretical knowledge, CPR skills and first aid skills
  • Learners are required to correctly answer 10 verbal questions. For the practical assessment learners are required to complete a CPR assessment and first aid skills assessment without prompting or guidance from the tutor.

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