Five Top Tips for Correcting a Screw Kick

When teaching breaststroke, one of the hardest faults to correct is a screw kick. Here Kaylё Burgham, STA’s Technical Manager for Aquatics shares her five top tips.

  1. Go back to basics – Don’t be afraid to return to early practices and break the skill down, praising the learner at regular intervals as they progress building both competence and confidence.
  2. Lots of correct practise. Be aware that learners strokes will deteriorate as they become tired; if you observe this happening it is better to change activities rather than persevere otherwise you may end up replacing one fault with another.
  3. Give the learner opportunities to participate in activities they enjoy and are good at too; if correcting their screw kick becomes the sole focus of their swimming lessons they are likely to become bored, frustrated and de-motivated.
  4. Accurate demonstrations are key!
  5. Feedback – Be aware that learners might not have the body awareness to recognise when they are performing the action incorrectly, so continual, accurate feedback from the teacher is also important.
Swimming Teaching
Kaylё Brightwell

Kaylё Brightwell

Kaylë has been a swimming teacher for 23 years and specialises in baby and pre-school swimming. With 19 years' tutoring experience, she is passionate about encouraging people to learn to swim and be safe in the water. She has spoken internationally about the importance of learning to swim within a safe, supportive and inclusive environment with the participant at the centre of the lesson. She managed a swim school before joining STA in 2012 where she now heads the qualification development team, creating fit for purpose, high quality training qualifications.

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