New International Courses for Swimming Teachers & Pool Lifeguards

As an international organisation with many international members, STA is launching three new international unregulated courses today for swimming teachers, pool lifeguards and baby and pre-school teachers.

The new international courses have been created by STA to offer flexibility for tutors and employers in countries, which do not follow UK legislation, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or professional body requirements.

The courses have been shaped to offer a high standard of quality training, but by being unregulated, tutors delivering them overseas do not need to be attached to an Approved Training Centre.

The new courses are:

  • STA International Swimming Teacher
  • STA International Baby and Pre-School Teacher
  • STA International Pool Lifeguard.

Kaylë Brightwell, Head of Qualification Development, says: “Here in the UK we are governed by a multitude of rules and regulations to ensure compliance, which are not applicable in many of the countries where our tutors work. Therefore, we’ve created these courses to ensure a high standard of quality training is delivered, but without all the governance that is required here in the UK. This makes the courses more flexible, accessible and cost-effective to deliver, as part of our aims to promote and further the development of swimming teachers and pool lifeguards around the world.”

To support the delivery of these courses, new e-resources for Tutors and learners have been created for each course; they include e-manuals, PowerPoints, assessment sheets, schemes of work, lesson plan templates (for the swimming courses) and guidance documents.

The International Courses must be registered via STA Online and course resources are available to download on STA Online. All existing Swimming, Baby and Pre-school and Pool Lifeguard Tutors will automatically be able to offer the International Course within their discipline.

Further course details and how to deliver the courses can be found here.

Please note, if working within the UK, these courses will not meet the requirements placed by the HSE and Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) regarding qualifications. They are created for swimming teachers, baby and pre-school teachers and pool lifeguards outside of the UK.
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