STARLIGHT Course Request Form

Complete the application below to apply for funding to run STA's new Aquatic Teaching: Disability Swimming course for the STARLIGHT campaign.

This application should be completed by ATC’s who wish to apply for funding to run the STA Aquatic Teaching: Disability Swimming course for the STARLIGHT campaign.

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    ATC / Course Details


    Pool Hire

    Classroom Hire

    Tutor Fee

    A fee of £200.00 per day x 3 days will be paid per course.

    IQA Fee

    A fee of £150.00 will be paid per course if IQA activity is required.

    Registration Fee

    A fee of £41.00 will be paid per learner.

    Manual Type

    A fee of £27.00 will be paid per learner for hard copy manuals or a fee of £14.40 will be paid per learner for e-manuals.


    Total Funding Being Applied For

    Terms and Conditions

    Approved Training Centres (ATCs) must agree and abide by the following requirements to be granted STA funding. By submitting the application, the named contact is agreeing to these terms.

    The funding granted is only permitted to use to deliver the STA Award in Aquatic Teaching – Disability Swimming qualification.

    Once funding has been granted, the ATC must register the STA Award in Aquatic Teaching – Disability Swimming course within 7 days of the approval notification.

    Learners must not be charged for the qualification, course, or course resource manual. The STA campaign funding must be used to enable swimming teachers to gain their STA Award in Aquatic Teaching – Disability Swimming qualification for free.

    A minimum of 50% of the places must be available for external learners at the Approved Training Centre. There must be a minimum of 8 places available and a maximum of 12.

    If a funding amount has been granted for 10 spaces and only 8 learners are allocated to the course, the registration fee and manual fee for the two absent learners will be deducted from the grant total, and other costs will not be amended. Once results have been submitted, ATCs must invoice STA for the funding amount granted as stated within the approval notification and per learner total.

    ATCs must notify STA if there are any changes to the course following approval.

    ATCs are responsible for marketing the course, the course organisation and booking learners onto the course, as well as all other expenses.

    All pre-requisites must be seen, and copies of qualification(s) gained where needed before confirmation of the course is given. STA will not certificate learners if all pre-requisites are not held at the start of the course. Pre-requisites include:

    • Hold STA membership

    • Be 16 years old at the time of assessment

    • Hold the STA Award in Teaching Swimming or an acceptable equivalent.

    All results must be submitted within 10 working days of the final day of the course.

    If the course is called for moderation / verification all paperwork must be submitted within 10 working days.

    Quality assurance activities must be conducted as per the ATC strategy and IQA plan. STA has included a set IQA fee in the funding application to support ATCs with this requirement (if IQA activity is taking place on the course). Evidence of the IQA report will be required upon claiming the IQA fee. Probationary tutors should have an IQA tutor observation on their first course.

    The qualification specification and assessment strategy must be adhered to throughout the course and assessment.

    If a learner fails all or part of the assessment, STA will not fund the reassessment. The ATC is responsible for the learner and must liaise and support the learner where required with the reassessment. Any fees associated with the reassessment are between the ATC and the learner.

    All applications will be reviewed and notification given within 3 working days.

    Applications will be evaluated on:

    • Location of venue

    • Reasonable facilities fees

    • Number of spaces available

    • Previous funding applications / grants

    • Previous funded course administration, such as late result submission, or moderation delays.

    Applications for the Starlight campaign will only be open until 1st December 2023.


    By submitting this application, you are confirming all details on the application form are correct and you agree to the stated terms and conditions.

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