STA Skills Development

The STA Skills Development series of awards develops not only a competent swimmer but also water confidence. Special missions include synchronised swimming, water polo and diving. They use common lifesaving skills like treading water, floating, throwing, speed and agility.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Perform alternating bent knees from a back layout
  2. Adopt a tub position and rotate through 360 degrees from a back layout
  3. Swim 15 metres underwater through a hoop
  4. Perform a back/front tucked somersault from a back layout
  5. Scull head first for 10 metres and feet first for 10 metres
  6. Travel 5 metres to the left, rotate 180 degrees and travel 5 metres to the right
  7. Perform a step in entry
  8. Torpedo scull feet first for 10 metres
  9. Perform an Isle of Man
  10. Perform 2 pattern changes on or below the water surface

Learning Outcomes
  1. Perform a ballet leg position from a back layout
  2. Support scull whilst standing in shallow water
  3. Perform an Oyster from a back layout
  4. Canoe scull for 5 metres
  5. Perform 10 metres eggbeater in any direction, with choreographed arm movements
  6. Perform a pike position, using bottles for assistance
  7. Dolphin scull head first for 5 metres
  8. Perform a crane position, using bottles for support from a pike
  9. Perform side flutter kick for 10 metres followed by a surface dive
  10. Perform a routine to include: entry, eggbeater kick, one form of propulsion and a hybrid

Learning Outcomes
  1. Swim 20 metres front crawl head-up
  2. 20 metres head-up dribble
  3. Swim 20 metres change direction twice from front crawl head up to water polo backstroke
  4. Tread water for 1 minutes whist using hands to scull, pick up a ball in one hand and hold for 1 minute without the ball touching the water
  5. Tread water and use hands to scull, lift out of the water to the waist twice in 30 seconds
  6. Swim 20 metres flutter kick, 20 metres egg-beater, then 20 metres using a modified breastroke leg kick on the back
  7. Pass and receive the ball 4 times over a distance of 5 metres
  8. Pickup, throw, swim, then change direction with the ball
  9. Pass and receive the ball
  10. Swim 20 metres front crawl head up in 25 seconds, collect a ball, then dribble for 20 metres using a head up stroke in 45 seconds

Learning Outcomes
  1. Push and glide for 5 seconds
  2. Push and glide and recover an object from the bottom of the pool
  3. Push and glide and spring up from the pool floor
  4. Perform a handstand
  5. Perform a sitting dive
  6. Perform a kneeling dive
  7. Perform a squat dive
  8. Perform a crouch dive
  9. Perform a lunge dive
  10. Perform a plunge dive

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